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Your 2020 Fair Board!

The Annual Fall Fair is planned and run by the Severn Bridge Agricultural Society Board. This great group of volunteers take time out of their busy lives to ensure we continue to celebrate our agricultural history and future! Here is your 2020 Board:

President: Michelle Robinson

Treasurer: Julia Crowder

Secretary: Pamela Ford

Sr. Hall: Sandra Schell & Trudi Killen

Jr. Hall: Kristy Butson & Robyn McTaggart

Horse Show: Heather Morrison

Entertainment: Michelle Robinson

Special Events: Sarah Tryon

Vendors: Robyn McTaggart

Advertising & Promotion (Including Fairbook): Julia Crowder

Games Director: Karen Tolton & Cindy Miller

Parking & Gates: Natasha McGillvary

Repairs & Maintenance: Sean Ford

Hospitality / Food Director: Jodie Beck

Security: vacant

Archives: vacant

Livestock: vacant

Parade: vacant

** We still have spots available! If you are interested in joining the Fair board and being a part of our community, please contact us for more information.

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