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Introducing our 2024 Board of Directors:

-President: Heather Morrison 705-238-6697

-Vice President: Karen Tolton 705-706-2536

-Treasurer: Kristy Butson 705-955-1628

-Secretary: Michelle Robinson 705-955-4060

-Senior Hall Director: Sandra Schell 705-706-1622

-Junior Hall Director: Jennifer Kavanagh 705-689-8950

-Advertising/Promotions Director: Joe Donoghue 705-345-3829

-Special Events Directors; Dan Kretschmar and

Nyssa Leibovitz 705-706-7076 or 647-393-6972

-Entertainment Director: Michelle Robinson

-Vendor Director: Karen Tolton 705-706-2536

-Parking/Gates Director: Natasha McGillivary 705-955-4735

-Food Booth Director: Jodie Elder: 705-826-3190

-Archives/Heritage Director: Jackie DeCaire 705-641-1964


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