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SBAS Receives Grant

The Town of Gravenhurst recently announced that the Severn Bridge Agricultural Society will receive a grant from the Terence Haight Fund in the amount of $5,100. The presentation of the cheque took place at the Town Hall meeting on March 21. SBAS President Michelle Robinson and Secretary Pam Ford were on hand to receive the award.

The Terence Haight grants are distributed by the Town of Gravenhurst to assist local community groups in their activities, holding events or making property improvements. In the case of the SBAS, the money will be used to replace the roof of the Senior Hall. The SBAS has been very fortunate recently in receiving financial assistance, enabling us to replace and repair many of our aging buildings. However, the Haight grant will only provide half the money needed to complete the project, requiring the SBAS to cover the other half itself. Donations from anyone wanting to help us achieve this goal are very much appreciated!

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