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Fair Contest Winners

The Special Events contests at the Fair were a hit with the crowd and offered some funny moments as the kids answered questions and tried their best to impress the audience and the judges. The winners were:

Baby Contest - Terrick Franklin

Toddler Contest - Kapree Laskey

Miss Moppet Contest - Mandy Tran

Country Squire Contest - Billy Johnson

Junior Ambassador Contest - Grace Salata

The SBAS would like to congratulate you all and we hope you can come out for Awards Night next month.

The Scarecrow Walk also drew a lot of attention and people were encouraged to vote for their favourite scarecrow. Winners will receive free ads and passes for next year's fair. The three top-ranked scarecrows were:

1st - Washago Timbermart 2nd - Sparrow Lake W.I. 3rd - The Caretaker

Thanks to all of the businesses for participating.

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